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We have developed multi-layer socks to suit even the most demanding uses and the roughest of environments. To bring out the best of the yarn properties, we have knitted the yarns into separate layers. Socks may have from one to four layers, consisting of polypropylene, polyamide, merino wool, bamboo viscose, Coolmax® or combed cotton.

Quality and sustainability

Quality is our most important driver. In production every sock is checked for approval. With RFID we can trace back all the production phases and yarn lots.

We demand OEKO-TEX certificate for all our yarns. We also demand  environmental and social sustainability from all our suppliers. We can trace back origin for all the yarns to our customers. Sukkamestarit is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Sukkamestarit Oy is a company with high competence in socks manufacturing. Our production capacity is 4 million pairs yearly. Machinery is single cylinder with needle counts from 96 to 156. We have very advanced electronic data interchange (EDI) for orders, desadv and invoices. On the production line we use RFID tracking system for quality control.

Our production is located in Finland in safe, environment friendly and stable surroundings. Sukkamestarit has produced since 1996 mainly for the Nordic markets. Thanks to our location, we have a great opportunity to test our products in varying weather conditions.

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