In our Outdoors - Mountaineer collection you can find heavier solutions with merino wool for more cold conditions. The Multilayer structure brings more functionality and elevates your performance. Our merino wool as a thick terry knitting keeps air inside, the knit to protect your feet against frozen temperatures. Check out the thermal grades.

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UphillSport Kevo Trekking 4-layer Drytech M4 Sock with Merino and Coolmax

Product no.: E8385

22.90 / pair(s)
Good stock

UphillSport Napa Mountaineering Extra Warm Flextech H5 sock with Merino

Product no.: E8392

24.90 / pair(s)
Good stock

UphillSport Tuntsa Snow Sports M4 Active Comfort Sock with Merino

Product no.: E8504

19.90 / pair(s)
Good stock

UphillSport Autto Snow Sports 4-layer Active Fit M5 Sock with Merino

Product no.: E8391

24.90 / pair(s)
Good stock