UphillSport Teijo Hiking & Walking 3-layer Liner L3 Sock with Merino

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Bullet points:

  • Teijo is perfect for Hiking & Walking in light and cold conditions when comfort next to the skin is a high priority.
  • The whole body of this sock is made with Merino wool and elastane - This guarantees a great fit and non-movable sock with a seamless toe during your Hiking and Walking in the wilderness.
  • The shaft is knitted as 1x1, making the sock suitable to be used as a liner also –This liner is thin and hugs your foot tightly under a thicker sock. The sole is reinforced with nylon for better endurance.
  • The warmth grade is 3, ideal for all seasons – This sock is great in mild conditions used solo and in colder conditions used as a liner
  • Teijo is crew length-3-layer with bottom re-enforcement, which increases durability – this sock is available in multiple colours for men and women


Features and benefits

  • Thin Structure - Good ‘next to skin’ feeling
  • Seamless toe   - Prevents blisters
  • 3-layer with bottom reinforcement - increases durability


  • Light thickness
  • Thermal grade: 3
  • Crew length


Materials: 52% Merino wool,32% Polyamide, 15% Polypropylene, 1% Lycra

UphillSport  Teijo is named after a national park in southwest Finland. The air is moist and penetrates clothes easily. Summer time is warm but mid-season and winter challenges your equipment. The Teijo liner can provide extra warmth and stabilizing properties next to your skin as a liner under a heavier sock. Merino wool fibers give warmth and have a soft, next to skin feeling. This sock is ideal on its own for hiking and walking, and as a liner when trekking and mountaineering. Teijo’s Warmth grade is ideal for mid-season on its own, and as a liner in the coldest conditions. Teijo brings you comfort and a great fit, keeping moisture away from your feet.

UphillSport  Teijo sock is made with a whole-body Elastic structure. This provides the perfect fit and non-movability during your Hiking, Walking and Trekking activities. The foot part of the Teijo Sock has a fitted heel and elastane on the whole sock. We have added reinforcement to the sole area with nylon. The merino is protected from outside rubbing and the sock lasts longer. This improves support and adds comfort by keeping the sock in place, wrinkle free. No more blisters with Teijo socks. Teijo has a crew length shaft with a special elastic body to keep the sock up without feeling too tight. The Teijo sock is available in multiple colours for men, women and children. The Teijo liner will improve your outdoor experience, as you can really feel your feet in perfect condition. You can take your outdoor experience to a new level.



All socks are suitable for a 40 degree machine wash. Tumble drying is not recommended. Socks may appear smaller after washing - it is recommended that you re-form the socks after washing for a better fit. Many socks have elastic yarns and because of this, they may seem smaller than they really are. Merino wool properties get even better after usage and washing.

UphillSport  socks are made to be long-lasting, good maintenance will make them last even longer.

Made in Finland at Sukkamestarit Oy factory. Production is ISO9001:2015 certified.

All yarn materials are OEKOTEX 100 certified.



Additional product information

  • Breathable
  • Seamless toe
  • Fitting
  • Thermal
  • Light
  • Thermal 3
  • Crew
  • Merino wool
  • Polyamide
  • Polypropylene
  • Lycra
Colour Off white
Size EUR 35-38 UK 2.5-5 US Female 5-6 US Male 3.5-6

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