Brand & Quality

  • Uphillsport is made for aspirational people with a healthy respect for their feet.
  • Product development is based on Scandinavian nature with solutions for extreme challenges such as faced by the Finnish defence forces.
  • Collections are made for whole family, driven by the needs of individuals.
  • Enviromentally safe, allergy free, sustainable products.
  • Natural fibres with their best characteristics, making you feel good.
  • Feet are a key factor to your performance, Uphillsport lets you concentrate to your activity.

Whatever your sport is, Uphillsport has the solution for you!

Production with all phases is certified to ISO9001:2015



Production is located in Finland. Factory is modern and enviroment friendly. Energy is recycled in the production to reduce energy loss.


All materials are ÖKÖ-TEX certified. Yarns are high quality and checked before knitting at our Factory.