UphillSport Lifestyle socks are designed for everyday use. Materials chosen for Lifestyle are breathable, well-fitting and comfortable. Our Lifestyle collection is following our sustainability program.
Our materials include:
1. Upcycled cotton by Recover ®
2. Upcycled wool by Recover ®
3. Merino wool by Schoeller
Alpaca collection4. Alpaca wool, from South America

Lifestyle category socks have thermal grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (scale 1-5)



Lifestyle sneakers

Lifestyle collections sneakers from merino wool, upcycled cotton, upcycled wool

Upcycled collection

Introducing innovative Recover® textile recycle system as a part of UphillSport® multi-step sustainability program, upcycle step.

Merino collection

UphillSport merino wool collection for everyday lifestyle. Nice touch to skin with merino wool.