Merino Lifestyle socks with NATIVA certified merino wool Pre Order for BtoB before 30.9.2020

Consumers are demanding transparency along the supply chain, and brands which incorporate it will set themselves apart. With over 50 years of experience in high end wool sourcing and combing, Chargeurs Luxury Materials presents their new brand, NATIVA™. NATIVA™ is the most-advanced 100% traceable and sustainable global wool brand. We mindfully source the most noble fibers and bring them to you.

UphillSport Sock factory is certified to NATIVA™ protocol in september 2019 as the first sock factory in Europe. UphillSport socks are made in Finland at Sukkamestarit Oy's factory. Read more about NATIVA™

Merino LifeStyle socks with stripes and patterns have been a huge success with consumers. Many want to have more colours and nice feeling in their everyday life. Merino wool is a luxury material for all year round usage.
Now available in three different fixed display sets with nice colours and patterns. See pictures below and make your Pre-Order by 30th September 2020 with special pricing.Delivery beginning of december.  Contact us for more info and offer

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