Merino collection

Mulesing_FreeUphillSport merino wool collection for everyday lifestyle. Nice touch to skin with merino wool. Merino wool comes from Uruguay farms to Europe. This merino wool is mulesing free and the animals are well treated. Wool tops are spin to yarn in Czeck Republic and then knitted to socks in Finland in our own factory. All yarns are ÖKÖTEX 100 approved and safe to use.

UphillSport changed all the Merino wool to Traceable Nativa merino starting from april 2020.

As a part of UphillSport sustainability program we have been certified to the Nativa ® system. We want to know where our wool yarn originated and be sure that animals, people and nature are treated well. Quality socks are built on quality materials. Together with our long term yarn suppliers, we can guarantee quality in a sustainable way.

Nativa® certifies the traceability, knowing their farmers and their lives, we all share the passion for high quality wool. The Nativa traceable wool comes from Uruguay. Wool is spun to yarn in Czech Rebublic by Schoeller.Every contributor of the value chain is certified by Nativa® and complies with the principles stated by the protocol in terms of CSR (Corporate social responsibility), animal welfare, land management and industrial standards. The respect of Nativa’s protocol principles is audited by a third party.