Merino wool is very warm and comfortable to the skin. The yarn is breathable; wool dries fast and is naturally odor repellant. Wool can absorb almost one-third of its own weight in water and still be warm. We mainly use a blend of 80% merino wool + 20% polyamide.
This combination increases the durability of the socks, and socks still have a high wool percentage. All merino wool is Nativa certified and mulesing free. This means the sheep are not harmed while shearing the wool. Nativa wool is Bluesigned and chlorine free.

Alpaca fiber is naturally water-repellent and fire resistant. It keeps your feet warm and dry. Alpaca fibers have no lanolin, and are therefore hypoallergenic. This makes alpaca highly suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Bamboo viscose has a high moisture absorption value and feels ultra-soft. It absorbs six times more moisture than cotton. Bamboo also has its environmental advantages: renewable and rapidly replenishable, it is an alternative to plastic fibers.

Combed cotton - GOTS has a fine touch quality, good durability and softness. Combed cotton is a natural fiber that is neutral to thermal grade. For more sustainability we use only GOTS certified Bio / Organic cotton.



Recover® material are upcycled and environment friendly. They are free of hazardous substances, and exceeds ZDHC and Reach Compliance.
*These statements have been calculated through LCA work, verified by Universitat de València and UNESCO.

RWool - Upcycled wool tri-blend is an upcycled blend of post-industrial wool cutting scraps, recycled PET bottles, and Nylon 6.6, designed for maximum strength and softness.

R3 - Upcycled Cotton tri blend Is a super soft and sheer tri-blend of Recover Upcycled Cotton, recycled PET bottles and Tencel®.


Para-Aramid fiber, Twaron® for protection against blade cuts or other outside threats to the skin. Para-aramid fibers are man-made high-performance fibers, with molecules that are chacterized by relatively rigid polymer chains. The excellent strength-to-weight properties give the yarns very high friction point.

Polyamide, Nylon 6.6 is mainly used as plating yarns to bring the sock better fitting and durability. Polyamide is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers. This yarn is very durable, holds the colors well after many washing times and provides good elongation.
Also available in Recycled nylon 6.

Coolmax ® is a great material for stabilizing the warmth because of its fast drying ability. Coolmax is moisture-wicking and breathable. This material is polyester and it absorbs little fluid and dries relatively quickly. The cross-section is non-round, increasing the surface area by an estimated 20% in order to produce a wicking effect via capillary action

Polyester with Quick Dry treatment that makes the yarn more tolerant to moisture. Polyester is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers. This yarn is very durable, holds colours well after many washing times and provides good elongation. Elongation and durability for high performance socks is made with Polyester Quick Dry.

Polypropylene, Prolen® is used as a major moisture transfer factor in our multilayer structure. The water absorption index Polypropylene is almost nil and durability value high. Polypropylene is a mass-dyed polypropylene multifilament yarn. Production and PROLEN®YARN itself respect the environment in order to preserve it untouched for our future generations. Prolen yarn is BlueSigned.

Elastane yarns, Lycra® yarns are covered with polyamide to bring more flexibility and a great fitting features to our socks. LYCRA® fiber sets the standard as the world’s best-known elastane fiber brand. Lightweight and nearly invisible, LYCRA® fibers became the active ingredient
in our clothes and revolutionized the way we wore them. Socks have elastane in different places depending on the sock.


UphillSport socks are suitable for a 40 degree machine wash. Tumble drying is not recommended. Socks may appear smaller after washing - it is recommended that you re-form the socks after washing for a better fit. Many socks have elastic yarns and because of this, they may seem smaller than they really are. Merino wool properties get even better after usage and washing. Please Note! Alpaca wool is recommended for washing in 30 degree machine wash.



We use only yarns with a valid standard. All yarns are safe to use even for sensitive skin. Standards are updated every 12 months.

ISO 9001:2015

Our ISO9001:2015 certificate includes production, material sourcing, sales, customer service and marketing. All products are individually quality checked and controlled.


All our products are produced in our own factory in Finland since 1996. We are certified to the association for Finnish work and have the permit to use a Finnish key flag on our products.


UphillSport sustainability programmes merino step: Uphilsport is the first socks factory in Europe to be certified to Nativa® system. Nativa® certifies the traceability, knowing their farmers and their lives, we all share the passion for high quality wool. The Nativa traceable wool comes from Uruguay. Merino Wool is spun to yarn in Czech Rebublic by Schoeller. Nativa wool is Blue-signed and chlorine free.Link to Nativa protocol blockchain

More about Nativa here