UphillSport Kaihu Hunting & Fishing 3-layer Duratech L4 Active Fit Sock with Merino

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Bullet points:

  • Kaihu is perfect for Hunting & Fishing in medium and cold conditions. Kaihu is knee length, to fit just below the knee – this sock is available in three colours for men and women 
  • Kaihu Socks are made with a 3-layer Duratech structure – Different layers transfer moisture out and keep feet warm - These guaranties great breathability, moisture control and durability
  • Warmth grade is 3, ideal for medium and cold seasons – in Duratech, Merino is knitted between polypropylene and polyamide for better moisture control and durability – Duratech is the most durable sock from UphillSport
  • UphillSport ’s unique multilayer structure allows the sock to be warm; however, it is light in thickness. Kaihu has a shaft which is 3-layers with merino, and lycra grips – This sock fits in a tight shoe, or can be used as a liner
  • The foot part of the Kaihu Sock has a fitted heel, a grip on the arch, fits above the ankle and has a seamless toe - This improves support mid-foot, and adds comfort by keeping the sock in place, wrinkle free.

Features and benefits

  • 3- Layer structure - Keeps feet warm and dry
  • Thin structure - still warm and durable
  • Grip on the arch and ankle - Gives good support and stays up


  • Light thickness
  • Thermal grade: 4
  • Knee length


Materials: 48% Merino wool, 33% Polyamide, 19% Polypropylene

UphillSport  Kaihu is named after a hunting and fishing area near the Arctic circle. Kaihu can be reached by road and day trips are possible to this location. Temperatures vary depending on the season. Moist sea air rises from the nearby lake and a river transfers the melting snow from the wilderness. Kaihu is inspired by hard and changing conditions. The temperature can vary rapidly, and effects from the wind can increase the cold feeling. The Kaihu sock is perfect for these conditions. The multilayer structure transfers moisture away from the skin, keeping your feet warm and dry. The special combination in our multilayer with merino wool performs perfectly and adapts to the changing conditions. Merino wool holds air inside for ventilation and insulation, keeping the frost outside of the boot. The Kaihu sock is designed to dry fast overnight and does not absorb sweat and smell. The high wool percentage guarantees a high thermal grade and many hunting or fishing days without the need for laundry. Our Merino wool is always mulesing free and adds warmth and breathability.

The Kaihu sock is ideal for hunting and fishing in cold and moist conditions.  UphillSport  Kaihu socks are made with a thin 3-layer structure with merino wool. This provides the perfect warmth, moisture control, and breathability-however the sock is light in thickness. Kaihu has a level 4 thermal grade. The foot part of the Kaihu Sock has a fitted heel, elastane grip on the arch, above the ankle and a seamless toe. This provides good support mid-foot and adds comfort by keeping the sock in place, wrinkle free. No more blisters with Kaihu socks. Merino is knitted inside the layers to make a duratech structure; this increases durability and warmth inside the boot all day long outside. Kaihu is made to fit knee length and supports the whole leg and brings warmth. The shaft is knitted to stay up, even during active movements. The Kaihu sock is available in three colours for men and women. The Kaihu sock will improve your hunting or fishing experience, as you can really feel your feet in perfect condition. You can focus on enjoying the nature.


All socks are suitable for a 40 degree machine wash. Tumble drying is not recommended. Socks may appear smaller after washing - it is recommended that you re-form the socks after washing for a better fit. Many socks have elastic yarns and because of this, they may seem smaller than they really are. Merino wool properties get even better after usage and washing.

Additional product information

  • Multi-layer
  • Breathable
  • Seamless toe
  • Fitting
  • Thermal
  • Light
  • Thermal 4
  • Knee
  • Merino wool
  • Polyamide
  • Polypropylene
Colour Brown
Size EUR 35-38 UK 2.5-5 US Female 5-6 US Male 3.5-6

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