Sukkamestarit Oy – The Factory

Innovative Sock Factory in Finland

Sukkamestarit Oy started socks production at 1996 at Tampere city. After five years factory grew fast and established a new factory site and moved to Ylöjärvi at 2001. Today we are the largest sock factory in Finland with capacity of 4,0 million pairs yearly. We are working with 40 professionals with long-term experience in socks knitting.

Core Values

Our way of working has always been close partnership with our customers. Quality, Efficiency and new product Development are in our focus every day. Today we are famous in Finland of our fast service, short lead times and high quality. All yarns are OEKOTex 100 certified. Yarn lots are traceable to our supplier and suppliers are controlled with our sustainability program.


Sukkamestarit Oy has made innovations in knitting technology, for example a Patent 1998-2008 for three and four layer sock structure. Finnish military has chosen one of our three layer wool socks for the main sock in their collection.
Our ICT is connected to our customers systems with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connections. We can receive Orders, send Invoices, and provide Desavd, Pricat services to our customers. Production has the latest technology with RFID tracking for quality control and traceability. Factory is environmentally safe and all operations are certified with ISO 9001:2015 certificate.